August 25, 2011

Actualizo después de mucho tiempo con un recorte que me llamó la atención. Es de DZone Refcards:

There is a false equivalence asserted about
REST and SOAP that yields more heat than light when they are
compared. They are not the same thing. They are not intended
to do the same thing even though you can solve many
architectural problems with either approach.
The confusion largely stems from the mistaken idea that REST
“is about invoking Web services through URLs”. That has
about as much truth to it as the idea that “agile methodologies
are about avoiding documentation.” Without a deeper
understanding of the larger goals of an approach, it is easy to
lose the intent of the practices.
REST is best used to manage systems by decoupling the
information that is produced and consumed from the
technologies that do so. We can achieve the architectural
properties of:
• Performance
• Scalability
• Generality
• Simplicity
• Modifiability
• Extensibility
This is not to say SOAP-based systems cannot be built
demonstrating some of these properties. SOAP is best
leveraged when the lifecycle of a request cannot be
maintained in the scope of a single transaction because of
technological, organizational or procedural complications.

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